Chemical Tanks


‘Dual laminate’ Glass Reinforced Plastic combines the outstanding strength of GRP with the high chemical resistance of a thermoplastics inner shell.  

A range of high performance thermoplastic inner shell materials is available to accommodate different chemical resistance and operating conditions.

Dual-laminates are significantly more stable and reliable, and have a longer service life, than using synthetic veils, double corrosion barriers, or the best of fiberglass reinforced resins alone.

Dual-Laminate technology is recognized as significantly improving the service life of plastics used for equipment requiring corrosion resistance, making it a reliable and economical alternative to high cost metal alloys. The corrosion resistant inner liners are structurally reinforced with an outer shell of fiberglass, allowing for a relatively light weight but structurally very solid construction. 

Combining the corrosion resistance of the thermoplastic liners with the lower cost, strength and durability of a Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), will provide your process many years of reliable service, comparable to the best high end metals, while saving you money.